Bryce Eyton


With 25 years of experience in nearly every facet of the construction industry, Bryce Eyton brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to his role as General Manager Construction at Capilano Builders. Maintaining clear and consistent client communication throughout all phases of a project is a key ingredient to his success. Bryce finds creative inspiration in a deep understanding of his clients’ needs, and how a home complements the way they live, work and play. Passionate about creating spaces that embody the lifestyle of his clients and contribute to their happiness, Bryce is well known for a commitment to uncompromising quality. “Homes are where lives get lived, and memories are created. For me, a commitment to excellence is personal. Everything I build is done to standards I expect for my family. If it is not good enough for them, it’s simply not good enough for my clients”.

Roxanne Rushton

Senior Kitchen Designer

For Roxanne Rushton, great kitchen and bathroom design demands more than knowledge and expertise. To balance beauty and function, and create enriching spaces, Roxanne begins every project with an intimate understanding of her clients. To design a user’s dream kitchen, she believes it’s essential to create clarity on what they want to achieve, and how a space can complement their lifestyle. “I draw my inspiration from clients. For many families, including my own, the kitchen is where people share old memories, and create new ones. Educating and ensuring clients make informed decisions at every stage of a project is essential to not only good design, but a great experience.” As Capilano Kitchen and Bath’s Senior Kitchen Designer, Roxanne benefits from over 16 years of kitchen and bathroom design experience, as well as 20 years in hospitality. Available and accessible to her clients, from project initiation through to completion, Roxanne is the latest addition to the growing team at Capilano Kitchen and Bath